12 1/2 lbs bonefish caught by Nigel

     I have been fishing on and around the island of Kaua'i my whole life. Both fresh and salt water, shoreline and deep sea. And as a result, I am very familiar with the fishing scene. For the past  twelve years, I have been guiding for the many various fishes that can be found here on our beautiful island.

      Here on the island of Kaua'i you have the rare opportunity to fish for Bonefish one day, and Trout the next. It’s a great way to enjoy the rustic beauty of our island.

      ​Some fresh water fish that we can target include: Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Peacock Bass. Fresh water fishing can be a challenge. However, be ready to make your way through lush rainforests. Hiking is a must, as is some rock hopping. Be prepared to get muddy, but its worth it, as fresh water fishing comes with some truly spectacular views!



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Hello, my name is Nigel Warrack, owner of Fly Fish Kauai!

      Some saltwater fish include: Trevally, Ladyfish, and bonefish. While bonefish is not as plentiful as in some areas, the island makes up for that by the size of these beautiful fish. Eight or nine pounders are common, and they occasionally break double digits. There's quite a number of other reef fish all of which offer their own unique challenge.

      If you’re planning on some saltwater fishing, then I suggest that you prepare yourself for casting into the wind. As the island is usually visited by steady tradewinds that can challenge even a more experienced fly angler. Double haul casting, as well as casting on the opposite side of your body will help you greatly in these windy conditions.

      We provide gear and flies. Although, if you want to bring your own rig, feel free. Contact me for more information, and I can let you know what to bring, and what gear I use here so you can set yourself up for the best chance of success!