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Kaua'i Fly Fishing and Light Tackle with Nigel Warrack

Indulge yourselves with a little fresh, and saltwater guided fly fishing on the charming Garden Island. Here on the island of Kaua'i, you have the rare opportunity to fish for Bonefish one day, and Trout the next. It’s one of the great ways to enjoy the rustic beauty of our island.

Various freshwater fish that we target include: Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Peacock Bass. Hiking is a must, as is some rock hopping. Be prepared to get muddy, and make your way through beautiful, lush rainforests. Fresh water fishing can be a challenge; however, it's worth it as fresh water fishing comes with some truly spectacular views!

Saltwater fish that we target are the Hawai'i Bonefish, with the possibility of various species of Trevally. While Bonefish on Kaua'i is not as plentiful as places such as Christmas Island, The Garden Island compensates for it by the large size of these beautiful Bonefish. Six to ten pounders are common, and they occasionally break double digits. There's quite a number of other reef fish, all of which offer their own unique challenge.